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Touch ring elastic star

Touch ring elastic star

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Touch rings made of wood and silicone are indispensable for babies' hands. They trigger the grasping reflex and promote the developmental processes of targeted grasping. Many sensory impressions are conveyed that help the baby to explore its environment. This product from the goki-baby series contains high-quality silicone beads; these give the toy an additional haptic stimulus for the development of the senses. And the wooden parts are decorated with lovely engravings. 

The interplay of soft and hard, of smooth and dull surfaces also promotes language development, because when "exploring" an object, perception via a child's tongue and lips plays a role that should not be underestimated. We have chosen the absolutely safe and non-toxic material silicone as a complement to wood, because play fun and
safety go hand in hand with our goki toys.

  • Origin: Made in Germany
  • Material: wood, silicone
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