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Monti's Playroom

Monti's Playroom


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Welcome to Monti's Playroom! You can join us at our location in Amsterdam (De Pijp) and book a spot for one of the following 2 groups:

  • Infants - for babies and crawlers (non-walking babies).
  • Toddlers - from around 14/16 months up to 3 years old.

    Group Size

    To maintain the cozy and tranquil atmosphere of our playroom, we kindly limit the number of children entering to 5, accompanied by a caregiver.

    This thoughtful approach ensures that each child can easily access and enjoy our array of toys and activities, while caregivers can relish a relaxed and unhurried time in this space. Your child's playtime experience is our priority, and this intentional limit enhances the quality of their exploration and learning.


    🌿 Our open and purposefully arranged space invites children to explore, play, and learn at their own pace.

    🌟 From low shelves for easy access to toys to child-sized furniture, our playroom is designed to empower children, promoting autonomy and self-directed exploration.

    📚 Let your child take the lead in choosing an activity and enjoy a slow-paced rhythm during this time. Relax and observe what your child is ready to learn and discover.

    ☕️ Parents and caregivers are invited to unwind and savour a moment of relaxation in our playroom, where complimentary coffee and tea are provided for your enjoyment as your little ones explore and learn.


    You can always cancel your booking with a 24 hours notice.


    You can always reschedule your booking with a 24 hours notice.

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