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'This is how animals grow' 5 in 1 memory - educational toys

'This is how animals grow' 5 in 1 memory - educational toys

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Kids learn by playing. This card set lets them discover the life cycle of 8 animals: butterfly, chicken, frog, bee, ladybug, sea turtle, shark and spider.

The simple drawings reduce distraction or control caused by bright colors and allow children to use their imagination. You can use these educational toys in 5 ways:
- put in order
- name and discuss growth
- enrich the seasonal table
- use the cards during small world play or integrate them into play with sand or rice
- quartet!

The set consists of no less than 32 double-sided cards measuring 9x9 cm. Sustainable Produced in the Netherlands in a CO2-neutral way and trees are replanted via Trees for All.

The cards are printed on sturdy 295 gram PaperWise paper made from recycled agricultural waste. So there is no tree involved! PaperWise's environmental impact is 47% lower than tree paper and 29% lower than recycled paper.

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