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Numbers flashcards - Educational toys - Montessori

Numbers flashcards - Educational toys - Montessori

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The number flashcards introduce and learn about numbers and series of numbers (“learning through play”) in a playful way. They are a handy tool for educators to play math games. Addition and subtraction, but also: can the child find something where there are three, four, five? Or let children trace or write the numbers — in a bin of kinetic sand, for example. The set consists of 17 double-sided A6 cards. On one side, the number shows the writing movement. On the other side are the number and the corresponding number of figures. The set contains numbers 0 through 10 and a card with rows of numbers to visualize the logic of number rows. It also contains 5 cards to make sums. The number flashcards have a beautiful appearance because they are printed on sturdy 295 gram PaperWise paper made from recycled agricultural waste. Due to simplicity, children are not distracted by bright colors.
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