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Manine Montessori

Montessori Bell and Ring

Montessori Bell and Ring

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After the visual mobiles, you can introduce your baby to tactile 'mobiles', like the Montessori Bell and Ring. 

Around 14-20 weeks these will help you baby develop focus and further improve hand-eye coordination and small motor skills. 

First baby will bat the bell. The reflecting metal of the bell makes it enticing for the baby to visually track it. When they manage to hit it (first by accident, later by design), the sound of the bell creates an audible reward. 

When they develop their muscles more and more, your baby can grasp the wooden ring. The ribbon has an elastic attached to it, so baby can pull it towards them and explore it further with their hands and mouth. The ring is untreated natural wood, so perfectly safe if used as a teether.

You can suspend them from your Baby Gym, they have a metal ring to securely hang them. 

Note: This plaything is part of our Circle of Play program and can be recycled at any time. Check out our Recycle Policy for more details.
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