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Colour sorting game and Advent spiral

Colour sorting game and Advent spiral

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This eight-piece spiral made of high-quality maple wood can be played with in many different ways. For example, it forms a classic colour sorting game in which children can playfully immerse themselves in the world of colours and counting.

Picking up and sorting the wool felt balls into the matching hollows with the tongs made of beech wood promotes concentration and trains eye-hand coordination. In addition, the colourful spiral can also be used as an Advent spiral.

An Advent spiral is a kind of mindful Advent calendar – a contemplative ritual for the whole family. It accompanies you through the Advent season and illustrates in a child-friendly way how many days are left until Christmas Eve.

For this, 24 wool felt balls are placed in the hollows day by day. This ritual can be wonderfully combined with a Christmas story or singing together. In addition to these two variants, the individual design offers many more possibilities for free play that are just waiting to be discovered.

  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • Origin: Made in Europe
  • Material: wool felt, wood
  • Number of Parts: 29
Note: This plaything is part of our Circle of Play program and can be recycled at any time. Check out our Recycle Policy for more details.
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