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Autumn flashcards - learn about the season while playing - Montesso

Autumn flashcards - learn about the season while playing - Montesso

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These playing cards introduce your child to and learn about autumn in a playful way. The cards are also a handy tool for parents or teachers to play learning games while playing. Awareness of nature, for example, by discussing autumn using the maps: what's part of it? Learn words in a playful way or use the cards while playing with play sand or loose parts. The autumn flashcard set consists of 8 double-sided printed cards in A6 format. On one side is an image that belongs to autumn. On the other side there is a shape that is useful for playing, such as filling in a shape with play rice or to follow with a finger or brush. The autumn flashcards have a beautiful look because they are printed on sturdy 295 gram PaperWise paper made from recycled agricultural waste. Because of its simplicity, children are not distracted or driven by bright colors.
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